Email Marketing – Travel

The email marketing travel companies need to use! Let us help you achieve your email marketing goals by creating successful email campaigns. From strategy development to launch day with follow up, we serve our clients every step of the way.  Our eye-catching designs coupled with list nurturing will make you wonder why you haven’t used us for years!


Email marketing is a must in your overall adventure travel marketing strategy because a recent study found that every $1 you spend on email marketing, you get $38 in return.  Pairing up more intimately with MailChimp, the world-wide leader in email marketing, we are have created a brighter and bolder approach to email marketing.  We call it NurtureMail™.  Your email communication sky-rockets leads through unique sales funnels. Optimizing each stage of the sales funnel, we increase engagement and conversions.

Our design team has all of the tools and resources to match your brand and make it stand out. The geek side of us makes sure your deliverability rates are top-notch because we implement up-to-date DMARC and SPF techniques on your server.

Our Email Marketing Travel Services include:

List Segmentation
We group your subscribers by interests and establish list management features therefore your emails are sent to the right audience and receive the high conversion rates.

We design and optimize eye-catching email newsletters across all devices consequently helping you to stand out in customer inboxes.

Dedicated IP Management
Create an IP address for your exclusive use to improve delivery rates and ensure any issues that arise only impact you and not your reputation.

List Audits
Do you have alumni travelers who have outdated email addresses?  We bet you do!  This nasty plague is spreading like wildfire because of the constant change people have in employment. We clean lists therefore have a consistent and reliable contact list.  There are hundreds of leads missed each year because of outdated information.

Framework of Sales Funnels
Here we look at all acquisition points and create the “sales adventure funnels”.  We look at emails addresses “from”, subject lines, graphics, layouts and even write the copy (to be edited/proofed by client).  We create “if/then” scenarios and automated points of contacts based on variables like timing, actions and inaction.  Each campaign has MULTIPLE automated “if/then” scenarios that drive an unprecedented amount of conversions!

Monitor and A/B Testing
This is where each “sales funnel” can be tweaked as we gather important data. Performance is monitored weekly and reports are always accessible. Monitoring and testing is a major key missed when trying to manage e-newsletters in-house.

And More!
We would love to talk to you about all of our options – please contact us ( to see if a partnership makes sense!