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Our education began in brand management and marketing.  After growing in that capacity, we fortunately ended up working for owner-operated adventure travel companies.  With decades of combined experience in the industry, our team became Presidents and Managing Directors at well-known adventure travel brands and tour operators. All of which, accomplished sustainable growth well above industry average.  With this as our background, we decided to go independent and help others who are part of this unique industry.

  Our Belief: Active Travel Betters the World.

Active Travel Marketing is the premier marketing and brand management company in the adventure travel industry.


Your Questions

We are always looking for talented, active people to join our team. Send an email and cover letter to:
We do work on a project basis and manage digital marketing services on a monthly basis. In short, we do whatever our clients need! That said, we want to make sure we are "partners" with all of our clients. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Your plan is as unique as you are. In the end, find comfort in knowing that we understand your industry and the margins that come with it! So we work hard to be more affordable than other digital marketing firms.
That's a good question. Yes -- but it has to make sense and we would need impeccable communication with an on-site sales manager or coordinator. We have found our most success taking over all digital marketing management from a company if we have an on-site sales person (or owner) that we are talking with, counseling with and shooting ideas off.
We do both. This question is asked a lot. We love training people on our unique concepts of the active buying persona. What makes them tick from activity type to activity type, from age groups to even destinations. We have extensive knowledge and data that shows the differences and nuances that really change your sales conversions for good!

Are We Good for Each Other

Let’s set up a no pressure “are we good for each other” meeting! We promise there will be no hassle or pressure-filled sales pitches on our end. Email us,, and let’s set up a call.